JDV Pharma International

Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences

JDV Pharma International is a consulting firm for interim management and engineering services for the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. The founder of the firm is a pharmaceutical industry professional with over 20 years of experience of management and engineering roles in the pharmaceutical, medical devices, biotech and food industry. His experience was gained in the Netherlands, Singapore, the United Kingdom and various other European countries.


Core Services

Management Services

  • interim management (operations, manufacturing, engineering, laboratories)
  • project management
  • commercial manufacturing project management
  • product introduction
  • technology transfer
  • business development
  • management consultancy
  • sustainability advice
  • non-executive roles

Engineering Services

  • facility start-up
  • capital project management
  • equipment procurement
  • feasibility studies
  • critical utilities

Validation Services

  • validation management
  • validation master planning
  • validation consultancy
  • validation engineering

Quality Management

  • auditing (IRCA PQMS certified)
  • audit remediation
  • quality system set-up
  • supplier management

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